Rye multi-sport athlete Jordan Holgerson-Rahl does it all for the Thunderbolts

Jordan Holgerson-Rahl leaps through the air during her long jump attempt at the SCL Track Championship held at Dutch Clark Stadium in Pueblo on April 28, 2022.

Rye High School sophomore Jordan Holgerson-Rahl is competitive at nearly everything she does. It’s a trait that has suited her well as a multi-sport athlete.

Holgerson-Rahl had already played soccer, volleyball, and basketball for the Thunderbolts this year before signing up for track and field and has not only participated in all four sports but excelled.

The long days of school and sports practices have seemingly done little to diminish her enthusiasm for competition.

“I really enjoy track,” Holgerson-Rahl said. “Not just particularly the social part but getting the experience of seeing the different varieties of athletes and seeing the throwing and the jumping and the long-distance, and the sprints and everything. It’s really fun … and a great atmosphere.”

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This year in track and field, Holgerson-Rahl has sought to expand her repertoire of events.

“I’ve probably got to go with the long jump for jumping and then probably the (200m) for sprinting,” Holgerson-Rahl said, referring to her favorite events to compete in. “Shot put, that’s where we’re going see if I can make it to state.”

Holgerson-Rahl has already qualified for the long jump for the state meet and is hoping to qualify for the other two events before the season ends.

“Being a sophomore … in all the sports I’ve done, being able to qualify and go to state is awesome for me. So, I’m taking it all in right now,” she said.

And while there are several similarities between track and field and the other sports she competes in, Holgerson-Rahl noted there are also significant differences.

“I think the biggest difference is (track and field) really shows leadership,” Holgerson-Rahl said. “And it really puts a lot of self-pressure on … being that bigger leader and being put in things that you may not particularly like, but that you’re good at and it is more beneficial for the team.”

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When Holgerson-Rahl is called upon by her team to step up, she does, regardless of what event she’s asked to compete in.

“For me, I’m not much of a big (4x400m relay) fan, but I run a good (400m) and if that’s beneficial for them to go to state, then so be it. So, I’m having the mental aspect of being open-minded to different things. It’s probably the biggest thing I’ve learned.”

Holgerson-Rahl understands that pushing herself in track and field will not only make her a better teammate this season but help her in other aspects of competition as well as life.

She knows that whatever she decides to do after high school, she wants to stay connected to the world of sports.

“I would really like to go to (University of Northern Colorado) for college for multimedia studies and journalism,” Holgerson-Rahl said. “If I decide not to do sports, I would at least want to be involved.”

Christopher Abdelmalek is a sports reporter for the Pueblo Chieftain and can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter @chowebacca

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