May 24, 2024


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Watch Red Bull Driver Sergio Perez Drive To The Miami GP Circuit

Image for article titled Watch Red Bull Driver Sergio Perez Drive To The Miami GP Circuit

Image: Red Bull Racing

The Miami GP is just a few months away, and the circuit is allegedly almost finished, but Red Bull’s Sergio Perez got to preview the track a little bit early. This is another one of those Red Bull Road Trip videos where one of the drivers has to go a long distance by F1 car and gets into some trouble along the way, meeting up with other Red Bull athletes. It’s obviously promotional material, but it’s all in good fun, I suppose.

In this one the premise is that Sergio Perez is in New York City for some R&R, then gets a call from team boss Christian Horner. A misheard detail of the conversation leads Checo to believe he is needed in Miami the following day, and hops aboard his Red Bull machine, which appears to be a 2013-spec RB9 with the current livery installed, and hoofs it for Florida. After fooling around in the city, he finally finds his way out and makes a run south. It’s fun, you should watch it.

Once in Florida, Checo meets up with championship wakeboarder Parks Bonifay, who keeps the carbon fiber nosecone of the Red Bull racer from getting chomped by a gator, then does a bit of barefoot skiing behind the F1 car, which sounds totally awesome to me. When I was much younger I was an avid wakeboarder and Parks was the coolest MF alive in my eyes. I never expected to see him in an F1 video, but it was neat to see him play a major role in this one. Like peanut butter and chocolate, Checo and Parks.

Once at the track, Checo sneaks onto the circuit and does a few the still-under-construction laps, before parking it at the 50 yard line of the Dolphins stadium. I mean, that has to be a fun day at the office for Checo, right? Maybe Red Bull will let Tua Tagovailoa drive the car next (yes, I had to google the Dolphins QB, I don’t sports).