April 13, 2024


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WATCH: Surveillance footage shows shocking moment Ascension Parish man gets hit by motorcycle in parking lot

BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD)– An Ascension Parish man is recovering after being hit by a motorcycle on Thursday evening.

Trynity Richard was walking across the parking lot when he was allegedly struck by Tyler Nelson on his motorcycle. Richard’s injuries were so severe he doesn’t remember anything after the crash except waking up in a hospital bed the next morning.

“It’s really a blur to me… I just remember waking up at 8 in the morning in the emergency room, I didn’t even know I got hit by a bike,” Richard said.

His mother got a call her son was in the hospital but she didn’t know why until she saw the surveillance footage. “I was blown away, I was sick, I couldn’t stop crying because I was just like.. God is so good,” Richard’s Mother April Matherne said.

Richard says the only recollection he has of what happened that night are from people who allegedly witnessed the scene. “He hit me and he proceeded to go to Airline Highway like he was going to leave and some people stopped him and then the cops came, when the cops came they gave him a ticket,” Richard said.

Richard says several people at the scene held Nelson down before the police arrived. “I thought the dude would at least come back and help me out but they tried to flee,” Richard said.

According to EBRSO Nelson was cited for misdemeanors and never taken into police custody.

“I know people who get arrested for seatbelt tickets and spend a weekend in jail for it, yet someone can hit you on a motorcycle, flee the scene and then go home that night,” Matherne said.

Matherne and Richard are questioning why deputies didn’t breathalyze Nelson. EBRSO Spokeswoman Casey Hicks says deputies on scene couldn’t smell alcohol on Nelson’s breathe. “The deputy advised that he could not smell any alcohol on the Arrestee and it appeared he was more in shock from being beaten by the three unknown individuals,” Hicks said. Nelson was charged with reckless operation and negligent injury.


On April 2, 2021 at approximately 0215 hours, EBRSO was dispatched to 14111 Airline Hwy., the location of Ice House Daiquiris, in reference to a private property crash with injuries. The crash involved a motorcycle and a pedestrian.

Upon arrival, St George Fire Department was attending to a man later identified as Tyler Nelson, near a motorcycle at the driveway to the business. Baton Rouge EMS was tending to another man near the front of the business.

It was learned by two separate witnesses that Nelson was seen losing control of his motorcycle and traveling at a high rate of speed through the parking lot toward the front of the business. The witnesses stated Nelson then struck the other man with the motorcycle who had non life threatening injuries.

These witnesses stated after Nelson crashed the motorcycle, three unknown males began beating Nelson up. After the males beat Nelson up, they fled the scene. The witnesses stated they did not know who the males that battered Nelson were. 

I contacted Nelson and read him his Miranda Rights, which he stated he understood. He advised a fight broke out in the parking lot and he was attempting to leave on his motorcycle. He stated a truck was doing a burnout in front of him and he drove around the truck. He stated when he approached the front of the business, “the guy jumped out in front of him.” He advised that he was unable to stop after hitting the pedestrian until he approached the end of the driveway. He stated after he stopped, he placed the kickstand down on his motorcycle and got off of the motorcycle. He stated then a large unknown male approached him and tackled him to the ground. He stated the male and some other unknown people began kicking an punching him.

Nelson stated he was unsure how many people battered him. He stated his leg was injured at this time, but refused transport for medical attention by EMS.

Nelson was then issued a misdemeanor summons and released. His motorcycle was towed by Smart Tow from damages in the crash.

The medical staff at the hospital advised that the pedestrian had a cut on the head and some “bumps and bruises.”