Day: June 13, 2022

The best way to pack your car for any road trip

For most people, summer suggests holiday and traveling. As temperatures rise, 80 p.c of Us citizens program on modifying their day to day landscapes, and most of them will do so by having a road vacation. And it makes perception since driving is extra versatile and cheaper than traveling.

The trunk of your vehicle has a great deal far more home than a single carry-on, but it’s absolutely restricted and you’ll will need to make the most of it. Packing for the street is not just about the satisfaction of successful a sophisticated match of luggage Tetris—safety is vital, much too. 

The significance of packing proper

If you assume that as very long as you control to squeeze in every past thing—up to and such as the kitchen sink—you’re fantastic to go, consider yet again. Negative packing can rapidly transform a summer season holiday into a aggravating working

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Eleanor Smart: Cliff diver wants to clean the world’s beaches while pushing her sport to the Olympic Games

The American, who is taking element in the new season of Purple Bull’s cliff diving sequence, has because devoted her time to cleansing up the world’s oceans, just one seashore at a time.

Together with her associate and fellow diver Owen Weymouth, Intelligent started ‘The Clear Cliffs Project’ — an initiative that looks to avert plastic pollution and educate folks in means to maintain our pure environment.

Now, as she travels the planet with her activity, she finds time to give back to the spectacular locations she feels so privileged to dive in.

“It was just one of those people ‘what?’ moments,” she tells CNN Sport, recalling the time in Greece she recognized one thing ought to be accomplished.

“I came up and that truly hit me really hard mainly because I consider a lot of it is things you can’t automatically see.

“If you really don’t see it

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Dash riding strong performances by Jane Campbell

Whether home or away, the Dash are rolling and off to their best start since the franchise’s inception in 2014.

The Dash extended their unbeaten run to six games (three wins, three draws) with a scoreless result Tuesday at Angel City FC in California. In that span, the Dash have conceded only two goals. Jane Campbell earned her fourth clean sheet of the 2022 season Tuesday.

On Sunday, the Dash will try to extend their unbeaten streak to seven games when they host Portland Thorns FC at PNC Stadium. Kickoff for annual Pride Night is 6 p.m.

The Dash (3-1-3) picked up a valuable point on the road at Banc of California Stadium, and at 12 points, they share second place in the National Women’s Soccer League.

Campbell came up with four saves, two in the 69th minute. She has conceded only three goals in 2022, matching the league mark

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The Real Reason Your Car Windshield Has Those Small Black Dots

Automobile window detail of black dots

Getty Images

Every day, you hop in the car for your daily commute. You buckle in, turn on the engine, check the mirrors, and look out your windshield. You’ve done this hundreds of times before, but today is different. This time, you spot the tiny black dots lining the top of your window. What are those black dots, you ask? Don’t worry — they’re there for your safety. Here’s what you need to know.

What are the little black dots?

“The little black dots on your windshield, including the black band around its perimeter, are called frits,” said Richard Reina, a lifelong automotive enthusiast and product training director for, a site that sells aftermarket auto parts. According to Reina, the windshield glass in modern cars is bonded to its frame using a strong and long-lasting urethane adhesive.

“This makes the windshield a

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