Day: June 21, 2022

Horrific Colorado Crash Leads to Questions About Road Rallies

Two Illinois gentlemen are useless immediately after a higher-velocity crash near Norwood, Colorado.

The adult males appear to have been individuals in the Crown Rally.

The auto they ended up in is just about unrecognizable — it seems it might be a Porsche 911 Turbo S — due to the fact they went off at 140 mph or greater.

Right after contacting it “one of the most horrific traffic mishaps responding deputies have at any time found,” San Miguel County Sheriff Monthly bill Masters included this: “I am terribly sorry these two men have been killed in what was a preventible [sic] incident. And I never take pleasure in what quantities to reckless and intentional disregard for the individuals of our county. They could have killed an innocent motorist. Crown Rally wants to re-imagine what they are accomplishing out on the roads”.

The crash happened about 15 miles northwest of

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Ukrainian tennis player hits out at the sport’s gender pay gap, asking, ‘Are we really that bad?’

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Kristen Bell confirms ‘Frozen 3’ despite having ‘zero authority’ to do so

Kristen Bell stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Monday, where she “Let It Go.” She let a really big announcement go, that is. While discussing how much he loves the Frozen franchise, Jimmy Fallon asked if there was anything Bell wanted to announce regarding a third film, to which Bell responded, “I would… like to officially announce, with zero authority, Frozen 3.” Earlier in the day, Bell appeared on Good Morning America, where the actress, who plays Princess Anna in the franchise, shared that she would do Frozen 3 “in a heartbeat.” However, later in the night, it sounded like she was making an official announcement… with a small caveat. “Please bear in mind I did say ‘zero authority’ because I can’t do that. I can’t do that. No, I’m not in charge,” said Bell.

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Stable Operation at Nanoscale Output Capacitance

Nano Cap™ technology solves capacitor issues, opening up new possibilities for greater stability

ROHM’s New BD9xxN1 Series of Automotive LDO Regulator ICs

Featuring Nano Cap ultra-stable control technology

Key Features of Nano Cap Technology & Operation Comparison of Automotive Primary LDO Regulators

ROHM products ensure stable operation with a wide range of capacitances down to 100nF

ROHM products ensure stable operation with a wide range of capacitances down to 100nF

Santa Clara, CA and Kyoto, Japan, June 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ROHM Semiconductor today introduced new automotive LDO regulator ICs with stable operation at nanoscale output capacitance. The BD9xxN1 series (BD950N1G-C, BD933N1G-C, BD900N1G-C, BD950N1WG-C, BD933N1WG-C, BD900N1WG-C) is optimized for primary (direct connection to 12V) power supplies in a wide range of applications, including powertrain, body, ADAS, and car infotainment.

In recent years, the continuing digitization of all types of equipment has been increasing the number of electronic components, which in turn has been driving the demand

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