July 21, 2024


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Formula 1 Boss Stefano Domenicali Confirms Potential For (South) African Race

Formula 1 chief, Stefano Domenicali recently spoke with Martin Brundle from Sky Sports where he mentioned that Las Vegas and Africa could host Grands Prix in future.

Domenicali confirmed to Sky Sports F1 that Las Vegas and Africa could both hold races in the future, and says 30 Grands Prix a season would be possible due to the level of interest in the sport.

This year we will see a record 23 races around the world but next season we could see the addition of a third race in the United States with rumours pointing to Las Vegas.

Speaking exclusively to Martin Brundle ahead of the Bahrain GP, Domenicali said there was “not only Las Vegas, there are other cities that are interested in Formula 1.”

“We need to be balanced, we need to see what are the other opportunities,” said F1’s CEO and president. “And very soon we are going to tell everyone what is our strategy to develop that market.”

We know Lewis insisted F1 should return to Kyalami but Domenicali stated that “On top of America, on top of China, I think there is a potential also to be in Africa soo.”

“There is a lot of interest there. For sure that’s another area that so far is missing in the geography of our calendar,” he added.

The current Concorde Agreement, which runs until 2025, allows 24 races per season which mean there is space for one addition between 2023 and 2025.

Maybe we see one removed from the calendar to make space for Las Vegas and South Africa? Only time will tell.