May 25, 2024


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How No Time to Die’s Motorcycle Jump Stunt Was Filmed Practically

VFX artists from the popular YouTube channel Corridor Crew explain how the spectacular motorcycle jump stunt from No Time To Die was filmed.

VFX artists from the popular YouTube channel Corridor Crew explain how the spectacular motorcycle jump stunt from No Time To Die was filmed. The story of No Time To Die revolves around James Bond, who is retired from active service with MI6 to live a peaceful life in Jamaica. However, his peace is short-lived when his longtime friend from the CIA, Felix Leiter, comes to him with an assignment to retrieve a kidnapped Russian scientist. The mission leads Bond on a perilous path, which leads him to a showdown against a powerful adversary in possession of dangerous new biotechnology.

Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga (Maniac), No Time To Die is the 25th film in the 007 franchise and sees British star Daniel Craig return for his fifth and final outing as the iconic superspy, becoming the longest-serving Bond actor in the process. He was joined by an ensemble supporting cast featuring returning actors Lea Seydoux, Ben Whishaw, Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Rory Kinnear, Christoph Waltz, and Jeffrey Wright, who reprised his role of Felix from 2006’s Casino Royale and 2008’s Quantum of Solace. The latest additions to the cast included Lashana Lynch, Ana De Armas, and Rami Malek, who played Bond’s nemesis, Lyutsifer Safin.


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Now, in a new video dropped by the popular YouTube channel Corridor Crew, VFX artists Sam, Niko, and Wren break down how the eye-catching motorcycle jump stunt from the opening action sequence of No Time To Die was filmed. Sam begins by explaining that the actual motorcycle jump was performed practically by a stuntman on a ramp that was replaced by stonework, which makes sense as Wren points out, stating that it would be “impossible” to execute the jump on actual stone. Sam praised the “fantastic” stunt and appreciated the fact that the camera angle used for the jump was a wide shot, as opposed to the close-ups used in the build-up to the stunt, even though the artists had the “tools available” for digital replacements. Check out the video below from 8:20 to see their full reaction and breakdown.

The above-mentioned stunt in No Time To Die takes place in the opening portions of the film in the picturesque town of Matera, Italy. Bond attempts to leave his past behind and live in tranquility with his love interest, Madeleine Swann (Seydoux) but is ambushed by assassins from the evil organization Spectre when he visits Vesper Lynd’s tomb. The scene follows Bond in a thrilling motorcycle chase sequence as he has to improvise and find a path to get back to Madeleine.

The much-talked-about motorcycle jump in No Time To Die continued the longstanding trend of opening a James Bond film with riveting action scenes and joined the likes of Casino Royale‘s breathtaking parkour chase and Skyfall‘s enthralling train sequence as one of the finest set-pieces in the franchise’s history. The clever and minimal use of CGI in the bike stunt analyzed and highlighted in the video is a testament to the careful attention to detail and teamwork shown by the stunt choreographers and visual effects supervisors of the film, justifying No Time To Die‘s recent Oscar nomination for Best Visual Effects in the process.

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Source: Corridor Crew

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