May 19, 2024


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Officials reminding community of motorcycle safety as weather warms up

With more motorcyclists on the road thanks to warmer weather, Thursday’s fatal motorcycle accident reminds us that everyone needs to be more cautious while driving.

While motorcycle enthusiasts are glad to be on the road again, PennDOT and Harley Davidson of Erie have some advice about the safety measures and courses riders can take to be safe on two wheels.

The warm temperatures are here and motorcyclists are back on the road, with safety being the number one priority for riders.

“For motorcyclists, it’s obviously make sure that you’re licensed, we encourage people to wear helmets, even if they’re not required to do so, to make sure that your bikes are in good condition, and make sure that you’re aware of, you know, the road that you’re going on.” said Jill Harry

As more riders are out on the roads, other vehicles have to take precautions sharing the road.

“Please just slow down, especially if you’re changing lanes, look, look again, they come up on you so fast that you just don’t realize.” said Laurie Thompson, General Manager of the Harley-Davidson of Erie.

Not only do you need your gloves, helmet and boots, but choosing the right size bike is also important to your safety.

“Always make sure when you’re buying a bike through us, that you have short footing, you need to have the correct size because that’s so important so you have your balance.” Thompson said.

Pennsylvania offers free classes for beginner and experienced riders in the Learn to Ride PA Program.

“They actually teach you everything, you ride their bikes. If you pass the course, they will give you your license so they also show you how to react to things if something were to happen.” Thompson said.

Harley-Davidson of Erie is hosting a riding course and to find more information on that, click here.