Day: January 1, 2022

Harley Gets Aggressive With Electrification

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LiveWire is about to expand…

As I’ve highlighted before, there’s a considerable push welling up in Europe and spilling over into certain parts of North America to ban motorcycles over environmental concerns. Whatever you think of these claims, Harley-Davidson has decided to get out in front of such moves with LiveWire. Not only did it launch the all-electric motorcycle earlier this year, the Milwaukee-based motorcycle manufacturer has plans to spin off LiveWire and make it a publicly-traded company in 2022. This is a huge move with possibly far-reaching implications for the industry.

As Dodge talks electrification it’s looking to ditch a popular engine. Find out what it is here.

Before getting into the weeds at all about the financials, market positioning, and other such things, I want to talk about the motorcycles. LiveWire will be deploying a new scalable and modular powertrain

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Dutch artist’s DIY motorcycle runs on swamp gas he collects himself

Dutch artist, designer, independent engineer and motorcycle enthusiast Gijs Schalkx has an odd way of getting around. His motorcycle clearly has some DIY elements on it, like the wood tacked onto the frame, a small bottle of fluid on the handlebars and a balloon housed in a big transparent cylinder standing tall behind the seat. That balloon — actually a condom — is the bike’s fuel tank. You see, the Slootmotor, as his motorcycle is called, runs on methane that Schalkx painstakingly harvests from swamps. Yes, it runs on swamp gas.

Methane is terrible for the environment. It’s a potent greenhouse gas, with 100-year global warming potential 28 to 34 times that of carbon dioxide. It’s often released from the extraction and production of other fossil fuels. It’s a byproduct of the agricultural industry, as well — livestock produce methane in their digestive process (according to UC

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