Day: January 4, 2022

$120,000 ultra-premium Arc Vector electric motorcycle to begin deliveries

The Arc Vector luxury electric motorcycle’s development has been tumultuous, but good news appears to be on the horizon.

The British-made electric motorcycle is now preparing for deliveries after returning from near death.

In case you blinked at some point in the last three years, here’s a quick refresher on Arc’s whiplash trajectory.

The bike was unveiled as an ultra-premium electric motorcycle in late 2018, sporting a price tag of £90,000 (approximately US $120,000).

By the summer of 2019, all signs pointed to the bike heading for production in 2020.

But just four short months later in October of 2019, disaster struck as Arc was forced to file for bankruptcy after running out of funding. The misstep was blamed partly on flaky investors.

That wasn’t the end of things though. Nearly one year to the day later in October of 2020, Arc was back and announcing a return to

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9-Wheel Harley Rig Is Amazing

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Have you seen this thing before?

Recently, one of the best motorcycle museums around, Wheels Through Time, showed off an amazing acquisition: the 9-Wheel Harley Rig. That’s right, it’s a Harley-Davidson with a cab of sorts built around it, four wheels behind the front wheel, plus a trailer with another four wheels at the rear. Plus, there are dual smokestacks and other finishes to make it look like a mini-semi, if such a thing were to exist. This thing has been famous for some time, but even if you’ve seen it before you might not know much about its origins.

Learn about Harley’s new aggressive electrification plan here.

Back in 1989, Kenny Kilpatrick and his wife Jane had a dream: to build a Harley-powered rig. The couple, who lived in Alabama, fabricated what would become the 9-Wheel Harley Rig, finishing the job

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Husqvarna’s electric motorcycles could be built in this new Bajaj factory

Indian two-wheeler manufacturer Bajaj commands a healthy share of the vast local scooter and motorcycle market. Now the company is building a massive new factory for the production of electric two-wheelers, and that could mean big news for Europe’s electric scooters and motorcycles as well.

Bajaj announced that its new production facility would be solely for the production of electric vehicles, and it is putting US $40 million into its production. Expected to be ready by June 2022, the new facility will span over 11 acres (approximately 50,000 square meters).

Bajaj expects that it will be able to produce around 500,000 electric scooters per year – the company has its own electric scooters such as the Chetak, but it has also partnered with Husqvarna.

The Husqvarna Vektorr electric scooter concept was reportedly developed alongside the Bajaj Chetak within the partnership framework between the two companies.

Designed for the urban market

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