May 18, 2024


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This Tesla electric motorcycle concept makes you wish Elon Musk didn’t almost died on a bike

A designer put together a really impressive Tesla electric motorcycle concept that makes you wish the automaker would actually get into the bike business, which Elon Musk says will not happen.

Back in 2018, Elon Musk was asked by a Tesla shareholder if the automaker would ever get into electric motorcycles and the CEO responded:

“I actually use to ride motorcycles when I was a kid. I was into dirt biking for like 8 years or something. Then I had a road bike until I was 17 when I was almost killed by a truck so we are not going to do motorcycles.”

It killed the hope for Tesla to do like Honda or BMW and have their hands in both cars and motorcycles, but it doesn’t stop us from dreaming.

Tesla Model M

Designer James Gawley came up with a very cool concept for an electric motorcycle called Tesla Model M.

He tried to use his design skills to see what a Tesla-designed motorcycle would look like and the result is impressive:

This is a cool design, but as you know, Tesla also shines when it comes to user interface and Gawley came up with an intersting concept based Tesla’s in-car UI.

He wrote:

“Model M is a premium motorcycle. The gem and main feature of this machine is the top display touch screen, which is curved upward towards the rider and includes both day and night modes for better visibility without distraction. it puts rich content at your fingertips and provides mobile connectivity so you can easily find your destination, favorite song or new restaurant.”

Here’s a render of the design:

Obviously, this is based on some older Tesla UI designs, but you can imagine that Tesla could do something cool here.

You can check out Gawley’s entire Tesla Model M presentation on Behance.

Electrek’s Take

Obviously, I’m teasing with the headline. That’s not the main reason I wish this accident didn’t happen.

It would be insensitive otherwise, but I just think him having an accident on a motorcycle as a kid is not a really good reason for Tesla not to get into motorcycles.

To be fair, there are plenty of reasons for Tesla not to get involved in 2-wheel vehicles, which is a completely different segment of transportation for Tesla, but the CEO having a bad experience with them in his teens is kind of a strange one in my opinion.

I just think that if Tesla would put its design and engineering power to making an electric motorcycle, it could make a very cool one and Gawley’s design exercise gives us a glimpse at the potential for it.

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