Day: September 24, 2021

‘A rolling museum’ | Cannonball of vintage motorcycles and their riders makes pit stop in Texarkana on Thursday

TEXARKANA, Texas — Team Skeeters of the bi-annual Motorcycle Cannonball rode into Texarkana Thursday with a scheduled stop at Harley Davidson-Texarkana.

Eighty-eight vintage motorcycles ventured forth from the starting point in Michigan, near the Canadian border. From there, the convoy steered southeast, ending at their furthest eastern point, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. From there, they changed course and went southwest, the endpoint of the voyage set to be South Padre Island. Before that, however, they took a pause in Texarkana.

“This excursion will total 3,715 miles,” said John Bartman, rider with Team Skeeters. This Motorcycle Cannonball is Bartmans’ second. The first one took place in 2010.

“Think of the Motorcycle Cannonball as a rolling museum,” he said. “All the motorcycles involved are vintage bikes, manufactured 1929 or earlier.”

The total trip takes 16-17 days. The riders go all day, with one scheduled mid-day stop and then the riders stop for

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TROMOX’s pint-sized 62 mph electric motorcycle coming to US, Europe

Small form-factor electric motorcycles are enticing targets for manufacturers due to their lower cost and reduced regulatory hurdles. The Taiwanese manufacturer of one of the cutest mini electric motorcycles, the TROMOX MINO, is showing off a growth spurt with its latest larger and faster bike, the TROMOX UKKO.

TROMOX made a name for itself with the MINO, a pint-sized electric motorcycle with a 2.5 kW electric motor and an adorable top speed of just 60 km/h (37 mph).

The MINO has proven popular in Asia where it has developed a following with a customization community, helping propel TROMOX to wider recognition.

Now the company is showing off its latest development: a new electric motorcycle with nearly twice the speed and power. The new larger-format TROMOX UKKO was recently debuted at the China International Motorcycles Trade Exhibition (CIMA Motor Show 2021).

The new bike sports a larger 4 kW

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