Day: September 7, 2021

Two fatal motorcycle crashes within 24 hours prompts concern

Because gas prices are high, more people are choosing to drive their motorcycle than their car.

It’s prompting a call from the New Mexico Motorcycle Organization for people to slow down and watch out. A message to both vehicles and motorcyclists on the roads.

“It is not just another crash, it’s the loss of another loved one,“ said Raymond Gallegos, chairman of the New Mexico Motorcycle Rights Organization. 

“These are family members, these are fathers, sons, brothers, daughters, that their life has been taken,” said Gallegos. “So it’s devastating families not just immediate family but to the community, to all of us.”

Every year it’s a problem. But Gallegos said this year that problem is worse. From the organization’s tally, the state has already surpassed the number of motorcycle fatalities from this time last year.  According to their count, he said we’ve already lost 34 New Mexicans this year.


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Oklahoma City motorcycle community mourns friend’s death after crash

DEL CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – A motorcycle community is mourning the loss of their friend after he died following a fatal motorcycle accident.

“It’s a total different look at life, being on the back of a bike,” Stephanie Tierney told KFOR.

It was on the back of a bike where Tierney lost her best friend, Jason Silva, back on Aug. 22.

“He wouldn’t want anyone to stop riding just because of what happened to him. He would want everyone to keep doing what they love doing,” Tierney said.

It happened at the stop sign at Reno and Sunnylane.

“He turned on to Sunnylane. We kept going straight and, maybe about 3/4s of a mile, a vehicle pulled out on the right hand side there, just pulled out, didn’t see him,”

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